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Suicide in New Zealand’s Construction Industry Workforce report

Suicide in New Zealand's Construction Industry Workforce (ER40)This report presents the results of a study that analysed the content of coronial reports for suicides in the New Zealand construction industry through the lens of factors drawn from the wider suicide research literature.


Alternative tenure models

BRANZ has published a number of publications that examine the issue of alternative tenure models:


Two new External Research Reports published

Two new External Research Reports have been published:


Changes to Building Code, Standards and legislation


MBIE funds over 120 building standards for free download

To remove barriers to achieving compliance in the building system, over 120 building standards are now available for free download. See Building Controls Update 250 for more information.


First edition 2019 Fire acceptable solution C/AS2

The new edition of Fire Acceptable Solution C/AS2 is now a single volume, providing a means of compliance for most buildings (excluding simple residential and complex buildings) for the fire provision of the Building Code. C/AS2 became effective on 27 June 2019. There is a transition period of 4 months. This means the previous acceptable solutions C/AS2-C/AS7 can be used to comply with the Building Code until 31 October 2019. If they are used after 31 October 2019 they will be considered an alternative solution. See The MBIE fact sheet for more information.


Section C5 "Concrete buildings" proposed revision

The Building Performance website has information about the proposed revision of Section C5 "Concrete buildings".


New system for building emergency management

The Building Amendment Act was passed into law last week. The Act provides a new system for quickly and effectively managing buildings during and after an emergency.

The new system and legislative powers will come into effect in December. From that time, after an emergency event councils will be able to:

  • carry out work to, or demolish, any buildings that pose an immediate risk to life, or risk damage or disruption to neighbouring buildings or public thoroughfares;
  • require building owners to provide information, such as detailed engineering assessments, to help determine the risks posed by their buildings;
  • require damaged buildings to be repaired or demolished on a case-by-case basis.


New fire acceptable solution effective from 27 June 2019

MBIE will be publishing a new Acceptable Solution for fire this year. The new C/AS2 covers the C clauses in the Building Code, and replaces the Acceptable Solutions C/AS2 to C/AS7. C/AS1 remains unchanged. The new C/AS2 will come into effect 27 June 2019, and has a transition period of three months. For more information see Codewords 90.


Other news and publications 


Healthy homes standards gazetted

The final healthy homes standards were announced on 13 May and are now available on the New Zealand legislation website. The standards set minimum requirements for heating, insulation, ventilation, moisture and drainage, and draught stopping in rental properties and will be law from 1 July 2019.


The first NZ Wood Deign Guide has launched

The Wood Processors & Manufacturers Association (WPMA) has announced the launch of its first NZ Wood Design Guide called Fire Design Guide. The next guide that will be published is the Prefabrication Guide, which is currently out for public comment.


Fire performance of external wall cladding systems

A new guidance document has been published by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) called "Fire performance of external wall cladding systems". The guidance is a response to significant high rise fire events around the world. MBIE has reviewed current methods used to demonstrate compliance of external wall cladding systems with building regulations' fire safety objectives.